The lion is finally feeling sleepy after weeks of no real sleep. Namastecious Jones. #yoga #yogadudes @yogamen
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Warming up for a BIG show tonight…but I had to take the time out to thank @neatlocz for hooking me up. Product Review Video coming soon. #locs #dreads #neatlocz #menwithlocs

Nice but I bet you don’t call them sisterlocks

I can’t imagine why I would call them sisterlocs. They’re just locs.
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…but Black people are animals for rioting and looting after the shooting of an unarmed teenager. Here, we see a few law abiding citizens turning the FVCK up over a hockey game and millions of dollars worth of damages…but that’s none of my…naw…SEE THIS MESS for what it is.
Black people in Ferguson are being called animals and white people who riot after hockey games are called FANATICS… Wake Up.

Can I point out the top left is not a “white” person… But the point is still valid.

Touché…but you get it. :)
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People want to distract you from the issue…the main issue is that an unarmed Black teenager was killed, but instead, his family life is being question, and his character is being vilified…don’t be distracted. Looting and rioting doesn’t help, but defamation of character and dismissive mindsets don’t either.

I met this talkative, handsome little guy on the bus yesterday…he immediately started telling me that he loved quesadillas and green trucks. Tears well up in my eyes as I thought about how precious his little life is…and how I hope that he makes it. I hope that his parents instill in him, the will to thrive and to succeed and to seek wisdom. I hope that he values his life and others would value him as well. I hope that he never encounters anyone that sees him as a statistic or treats him like he’s less than a human being. I want him to make it…I pray that he makes it…and gets ALL the freakin quesadillas he wants. Black men…you are not just a number. You are NOT the clothes you choose to wear or the music you listen to, or the way you wear your hair…What is inside of you is something so resilient…something loud…something bold…something respected…and oftentimes feared…Reach for it. Tap into it. Honor it. It’s divine. Be you. Be true. Be safe. Be blessed.
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