This issue isn’t completely BLACK/WHITE to me…this is a human being being treated like a worthless sack of meat. ERIC GARNER was a man who was taken down by an unauthorized chokehold. He said repeatedly that he couldn’t breathe. How is PANICKING resisting arrest? He was handcuffed and left on the ground to die. Even when EMT came, they were poking and prodding him saying, “Get up, buddy. C’mon…” No oxygen mask was placed on him because he was “still breathing”…what disgusts me the most is that the man who took him down, waves to the person recording him with his phone and smiles. Not one shred of remorse. A high five and a pat on the back for doing his job…a family left without a father, a husband, a brother…and people defend the police whose job is to protect and serve…but who are the protected and who are they serving? #ericgarner
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Man 97.9 The BOXX cut UP yesterday. Here’s my little pre-party before I check out the show in Dallas next week. #ontherun #beyonce #jayz #jirodgreene

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